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Location-driven mobile content drives retention, engagement and new monetization opportunities. Connect with your customers at the right time, with the right message and drive results.

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We’re helping customers leverage the power of proximity data to drive mobile engagement


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Design in the Browser and Deploy Instantly

With Rover, you can easily launch new, multi-screen, native mobile experiences. Design engaging content in the browser, and deploy instantly through your app at the right time and place.

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Localize your engagement. Deliver relevant local content when a user enters a geo or beacon area.

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Guides and

Build multi-screen experiences with rich image and video content.

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Drive sales with timely promotions and seasonal campaigns.

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Quizzes &

Engage your fans with games and trivia.

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Beacon Powered Nearby Experiences

Create nearby shopping companion experiences as customers navigate your store.

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Engage your audience with relevant information and at brand activations at live events.

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Local Experiences

Rover's contextual awareness platform powers relevant, localized content in your app. Engage your audience when a user enters a geofence or beacon area, launching local content, guides, offers and more.

This demo alerts a user to local jogging routes shortly after they land at San Francisco Airport.

Content is easily duplicated, making it easy to build out multiple city jogging templates and lists.

Guides & Tours

With Rover's infinite layout options and ability to create linked, multi-screen experiences, you can easily author engaging content that enhances your customer's experience. Use it for both location-based content or deliver a quarterly-update experience via a schedule push message.

This example shows how an aquarium has created a rich guide to enhance the aquarium tour as the user engages at a nearby fish tank.


Replacing images and duplicating layouts makes designing a detailed guide quick and easy.


Seasonal Campaigns

Seasonal and promotional campaigns often require months of planning and demand on the product team's roadmap. With Rover, you can create and push seasonal content instantly and even make real-time tweaks without any development or app updates.

In this example a retailer has deployed a seasonal Father's Day offer with an engaging scratchcard, delivered when a customer enters the store.


Webview blocks and be embedded in an experience allowing you to insert interactive elements like HTML5 games.


Quizzes and Trivia

Rover Experiences allows you to link multiple screens together, making it simple to author engaging quizzes and trivia. Triggered by location, time of day or user action, enhance the fan experience and add value for your partner brands with content fans love.

In this example a hockey team has pushed out a trivia game with a chance to win a partner bonus offer.


Duplicating screens and making templates allows you to quickly build out multiple quiz variations throughout the season.


Beacon powered nearby experiences

With Rover Experiences and Context Awareness, you can deliver an in-store shopping guide to customers as they approach different departments. Rover sits on top of your in-store beacons, giving you the power to engage your mobile audience with a powerful in-store experience.

In this example, a sporting goods store educates their customers on the benefits of nearby jackets as they browse that area of the store.


Easily embed videos that play seamlessly - ideal for product demos and explainer content.


Live Events

Rover Experiences are easy to create and fast to deploy, making them ideal for location-based event guides. Deliver them to customers when they enter a festival area, providing them content like lineups, promotions and sponsor activations.

In this example, a ticket app has provided customers with an event guide as the arrive on Randall’s Island for the Governor’s Ball Music Festival.


With Rover’s layer-locking system, creating templated components is easy. Once you’ve designed one event guide, simply duplicate and change the text and images to quickly create others.



Connecting customers at the right time and the right place drives engagment.


Standard Push Notification Open Rate


Location-based Notification Open Rate

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With Rover, we’ve grown our mobile audience by almost ten fold with very high engagement rates amongst the fans. I think this speaks to how powerful more relevant, location-based content can be.

– Erik Watts
Director of Digital Strategy & Product Development


Manage Infrastructure

Manage geofences, beacons (any brand) with tagging, location grouping and more.

Send Messages

Create rich content and send it with real-time, scheduled and location triggered notifications.


Design multi-screen native experiences with no development or app updates required.

Understand your Customers

Leverage location data to better understand customer profiles and easily create actionable customer segments.


Track venue visits, lapsed customers, and evaluate content performance.

Data & APIs

With our numerous integrations and robust API, everything you can do in the Rover CMS can be easily automated and customized at scale.