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The Denver Broncos are constantly searching for innovative ways to engage both their fans and partners across digital platforms. One of the most recent examples was a predictive game they launchedthat retargeted fans with partner offers through their mobile app.


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Mobile Predictive Gaming


To celebrate the final week of the regular season, the Denver Broncos wanted to find a unique way to engage their fans. Using Rover’s polls feature, they turned to their mobile app to create an innovative Predictive Game campaign. The mobile experience polled fans on expected game results while offering the opportunity to win prizing courtesy of their partner, Arrow Electronics. Using the Rover platform they retargeted a creative stat-focused mobile campaign to all that participated - providing specific content based on the fans’ results in the activation.


The Denver Broncos predictive gaming experience polled their fans on a variety of game elements during their game against the Raiders. Polls that were voted on included, who would score first, the number of sacks the Broncos would record and how many yards the team’s quarterback, Drew Lock, would pass for. Fan poll results showed up in real-time, allowing fans to see how others voted, too.

The Broncos were able to leverage their experience data in real-time in order to target specific content to the appropriate fans.

The campaign’s innovation, engagement and design weren’t the only reasons it was successful, as the team also found success due to how effectively they promoted it. For starters, the team first promoted it at the bottom of their weekly gameday guide.

The experience walks fans through each of their app’s tab, with easy explanations for; accessing tickets, setting notifications, and stadium way-finding.

This allowed the Broncos to re-target with tailored messaging and prizing in a timely manner.

Additionally, on the Friday and Saturday preceding the game, the Broncos targeted all fans who opened the app. In fact, once the fan opened their app, they were triggered with a push notification that highlighted the game – and when clicked, it immediately sent fans there to participate.

The team also delivered the campaign to the inbox of their audience base, so that fans who were not opted into push notification could still receive the content and have a chance to take part.

Retargeting Fans

Once the game had finished, the Broncos sent out push notifications with an additional piece of native mobile content to all fans who had taken part in the mobile game.

Two versions of the content were created: one that showed the results and celebrated the fans who were perfect in their predictions. The latter of which provided fans the opportunity to enter to win a $200 Broncos store gift card courtesy of their partner, Arrow Electronics

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Key Takeaways & Numbers

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Client Testimonials

“As a team, we strive to find new ways to engage our fans. That’s why we loved launching our mobile predictive game with Rover. It was innovative, engaging, and provided a newly to reward our most loyal fans. On top of that, it was effortless manage and provided us with an additional activation for our partner, Arrow Electronics. We loved how we were able to launch it and target fans based on their actions in app. We can’t wait to do it again next year!“
Ben Hunt

Ben Hunt

Broncos' Director of Digital Platforms

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