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How the Canucks launched a mobile scavenger hunt to successfully engage fans, enhance corporate partnerships, and grow their app audience with Rover


Vancouver Canucks


Mobile Scavenger Hunt


In the age of the connected and digitally savvy fan, cultivating an engaging and data-driven mobile strategy is more important than ever before. The Vancouver Canucks have demonstrated the value that this type of digital innovation can bring. Utilizing their mobile app and the Rover platform, the team created scavenger hunt activation that was not only engaging for their fans and partners, but also drove thousands of app downloads ahead of their 50th season.


To participate, fans were tasked with solving a series of clues that revealed six hidden locations across Vancouver. Each location was chosen as an important landmark for both the city of Vancouver and for the team. The Canucks provided clues to identify each location, with their initial clues sent through their app,and then later on social media.

At each of the six locations, fans were given a participation card that contained a QR code. Using their smartphones, when fans scanned the QR code, it would automatically load a Rover screen in the Canucks app revealing which prize they had won.

Rover helped the Canucks ideate, design, and launch a scavenger hunt campaign strategically timed in advance of the 2019-20 NHL season.

The Canucks awarded fans at each of the six locations with a Gand Prize of a set of four of their 50th anniversary 2019-2020 jerseys, along with various other prizes including tickets to Sedin Retirement Night, Alex Burrows Ring of Honour Night, Tim Hortons gift cards, as well as Tim Hortons hockey cards, and discount codes.

For brands looking for innovative ways to promote themselves, there’s nothing quite like the power of sports and leveraging a teams fan base.

As well, one of their main locations in downtown Vancouver was chosen as a clue destination, ensuring an increase of foot traffic into their local stores.

As a presenting sponsor, Tim Hortons gained brand awareness through the ability to have their logo at prime locations throughout all of the digital activations and promotion of the event.

The Fan

Today’s fan is incredibly connected and enjoys interacting with their favourite teams during each game with their phone in hand.

A strong indicator of the campaign’s success was how many participants headed to multiple locations. The scavenger hunt received over 2,150 total entries and while that number is a strong indicator of success alone, what was more telling was how passionate each participant was.

An impressive variance in age was also present with this activation. As a whole, the average age of participants was 32, with the biggest group residing within 25-34 years of age. But there were also ninety-one fans who were over the age of 55 and forty-seven fans who fell under the age of 18.

Between the promotion and launch of the Scavenger Hunt, the Canucks drove over 5,300 new app users, marking a 7% increase in users.

In the age of the connected and digitally savvy fan, cultivating a data-driven mobile strategy is more important than ever before.

The Vancouver Canucks demonstrated this importance with a scavenger activation that saw thousands of fans engage, winning them a host of #Canucks50 tickets and merchandise as well as prizes from their partner, Tim Hortons.

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Client Testimonials

“As a team, we strive to find new ways to engage our fans. That’s why we loved launching our mobile predictive game with Rover. It was innovative, engaging, and provided a newly to reward our most loyal fans. On top of that, it was effortless manage and provided us with an additional activation for our partner, Arrow Electronics. We loved how we were able to launch it and target fans based on their actions in app. We can’t wait to do it again next year!“
Konrad Kowalski

Konrad Kowalski

Canucks' Mobile Product Specialist

“I was surprised how convenient it was to scan the card – I just opened my phone camera and pointed it at the QR code. It gave me a notification that led to the prize page! I thought we would need a special app to activate the prizes, but nope, it was really easy.”
Jan Pilares

Jan Pilares

Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize Winner

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