Keifer Bell

Seven Ways NBA Teams Enhanced the Fan Experience on Mobile

NBA teams have consistently shown that creating an unforgettable fan experience goes beyond on-court performances. The real magic lies in the ability to enhance and elevate the fan experience to new levels, and this is exactly where the flexibility of the Rover Platform comes in.

Here are seven examples from across the NBA team that demonstrate the transformative power of Rover in delivering mobile campaigns that deliver an extraordinary fan experience and generate revenue.

1. User Onboarding

The Charlotte Hornets utilized Rover to create an engaging onboarding experience that effectively guided new users on their mobile app. A well-executed onboarding process plays a crucial role in enhancing second-day retention and maximizing the return on investment for mobile user acquisition efforts.

2. Game Previews

The Portland Trail Blazers launched an in-app magazine experience to provide fans with a preview of upcoming games. This comprehensive platform offered game information, matchup previews, statistics, and more. Rover's dynamic editing capabilities and templates made it easy to make changes to the digital experience for each game with ease.

3. Game Recaps

The Los Angeles Clippers created post-game recaps that showcased statistics, game highlights, interviews, images, and more. Whether a fan missed the live game or wanted to re-watch their team's performance, this mobile experience provided an ideal way to keep their supporters engaged.

4. Story Style Experiences

The Cleveland Cavaliers have prioritized the use of real-time, story-style content to connect with their fans. Many teams have adopted this approach to share behind-the-scenes images and videos with their fans, while also incorporating partnerships seamlessly into the experience. By doing so, they are able to build direct relationships within their app instead of redirecting users to social media channels.

By posting engaging content, teams can keep users within their own ecosystem, which ultimately leads to the collection of more comprehensive data and opportunities for monetization that cannot be provided by social media platforms.

5. In-App Merchandising

With continuous app growth, the Los Angeles Clippers strategically prioritized enhancing merchandise sales to further capitalize on their success. To achieve this, the team leveraged Rover to seamlessly integrate a brand-new micro-store experience within their app. This innovative approach not only significantly streamlined the purchase process, but also greatly expedited conversions, resulting in a substantial boost to their overall revenue.

6. Event Guides

The Chicago Bulls leveraged the buzz surrounding the Summer League by crafting a comprehensive and informative event guide exclusively for their  fans. This guide transcended the boundaries of a landing page, providing an immersive experience filled with invaluable content. It encompassed a meticulously crafted team schedule, an extensive player roster, and real-time updates on the Bulls' up-and-coming superstars, ensuring that fans were kept in the loop with the latest breaking news.

7. Ephemeral Content

One of the most celebrated mobile experiences last season was when the Milwaukee Bucks utilized Rover's server-driven UI to swiftly create and publish an event guide for their NBA Championship Parade & Celebration. Available on their app, fans were able to access a schedule of events, a parade route map/location, contests, and more.


The rise of digital marketing has unlocked boundless possibilities for fan engagement, making it a paramount priority for NBA teams. In today's digital age, fans have more ways than ever to connect with their favorite NBA teams and players. At Rover, we eagerly anticipate the ingenious mobile experiences that will be crafted within the NBA in the near future!