April Whitzman

How the Atlanta Falcons Increased App User Retention with Mobile App Onboarding

The Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team that competes in the National Football League with over 4.36 million fans worldwide.

Project Goals

  • To engage and educate first-time app users
  • To increase app user retention
  • To optimize mobile app engagement strategy


Mobile app onboarding built with Rover

In the age of connected and digitally savvy fans, cultivating an engaging and data-driven mobile strategy is more important than ever before. From mobile ticketing to stadium navigation, score updates to exclusive content, fun contests to sweepstakes, a mobile app is a must-have tool for any team wanting to enhance engagement with their fans.

First-time mobile app users are often unaware of all the features and utilities an app can provide. That is why creating an informative and easy-to-digest onboarding helps to ensure every user understands the app’s benefits and gets the most out of their mobile experience.

Project Overview

The Atlanta Falcons were looking for a way to engage new app visitors, convert them into regular users, announce new app features and increase user retention. They made it possible with a dynamic mobile app onboarding built with Rover.

The Experience

The Falcons' onboarding experience loads instantly when the app is opened for the first time, providing a helpful tutorial of what users can expect from the app in an engaging way.

With an overview of the most commonly used features like accessing and managing tickets, reviews, and stadium maps, every user can learn how to navigate the app in under 1 minute. Taking it one step further, the Falcons included GIF animations to showcase 'how-to's' visually.

On top of that, they have a dedicated team continuously creating strong content, ensuring that fans keep visiting the app, delivering value, and maintaining high retention and engagement.

Atlanta Falcons mobile app onboarding flow

Notable features

  1. Ticketing
    The ticketing section shows how to get access to tickets, use Apple Wallet, share the ticket with another fan, and access parking pass.
  2. Webchat
    The “ask Arthur” section explains how to use Atlanta Falcon’s chatbot concierge.
  3. Maps
    This section educates how to access the stadium map and explore the stadium.
With the addition of digital ticketing and ticketing management to our mobile app, it was crucial our new users understood these key updates. The Rover platform is a powerful tool that allowed us to quickly deploy and iterate on our apps onboarding experience to meet the needs of our most valuable users.

Greg Urbano
Falcons’ Director of Digital & User Experience
"By downloading our app, fans have given us precious real estate on their phones and we want to make sure they get full value out of our product. The Rover platform allows us to easily make relevant updates to our onboarding experiences so that fans get value instantly. The product empowers my team to have less dependency on engineering for updates while ensuring our onboarding is fully native and on brand."

Austin Klubenspies
Falcons’ UX/UI Designer & Developer


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