More than just push notifications

Real engagement comes from more than the character limits of a push notification. Create content that your fans will love.

Traditional app development workflows make building and delivering mobile content time-consuming and costly. With Rover you can easily create and deploy rich content like gameday previews. No app updates required.

Deliver push notifications based on in-app events, a fan's location or time of day.

Use these notifications and messages to launch multi-screen interactive content.

Templates for repeated success

Easily create templates for fast updates with every game. Just change some text, swap out a few logos and you are good to go! Your team will love how fast and easy it is to to generate new content for fans.

Location based rewards

A fan's location is a powerful driver of more relevant content. Use the Rover Context Engine to easily tie your content to location-based triggers such as beacons or geofences. Enhance the game experience or drive partner offers as fans exit the arena.

Unlimited creative possibilities

Easily create multi-screen experiences from the browser. Link screens together to craft engaging content like quizzes and trivia, and monetize through sponsorship. Localize your engagement by launching these experiences only to fans at the game, or more broadly to your entire fanbase. Quizzes are just the beginning. There is no limit to the types of fan engagements you can create.


Sponsor opportunities

Rover provides NEW opportunities for brand partners to engage. Sponsored offers, gameday previews, special event guides, trivia and more—you’ll increase both fan engagement and revenue.

Surprise and delight

Want to reward your die-hard fans who hit the road to attend away games? Use Rover Geofences to detect when fans are at away games and engage them with exclusive offers and content.


Event guides

What if you could create hyper-relevant content such as event guides and information, delivered only to those who are on site?

Engage your mobile audience at events by localizing content. Local Experiences give your fans a compelling reason to have your app, and give you the chance to connect with attendees at the right time.

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