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December 1, 2016

Introducing Rover Experiences

Design interactive, multi-screen, natively-rendered experiences right in the browser and deploy instantly

SAN FRANCISCO and TORONTO, December 1, 2016 - Today Rover is pleased to announce the launch of Rover Experiences. Rover Experiences puts the creation of engaging mobile content in the hands of marketers and designers, reducing product and development resources.

As content continues to be one of the most crucial elements of brand engagement and loyalty, the ability to deliver engaging mobile experiences is more important than ever. Traditionally, relevant in-app content has required development resources from either an agency or internal product team. Resource requirements have meant staying relevant and consistent with mobile content has been costly and time consuming. This is why we’re excited to launch Rover Experiences. Experiences gives brands and app publishers a platform to create engaging mobile content without coding and without compromising UX. No more webviews, no more pop ups and no more resource bottlenecks to execute on the latest opportunity.

Rover Experiences fundamentally changes mobile content publishing, giving brands and designers a platform to deliver natively rendered multi-page mobile experiences instantly.

Include design elements like images, video, text and more. Build layouts quickly by simply dragging and dropping these elements into place, and then use our sophisticated alignment and positioning tools so content adjusts to look great on all types of screen sizes. With features like copy & paste, undo, and layer management, you’ll feel like you’re designing screens in Sketch or Photoshop. By design multiple screens and linking these together, it’s easy to build rich and engaging interactive experiences. These can be templatized for easy tweaks in the future and can be delivered through push, in app native linking or a number of other contextual triggers that deliver the experience at the right time and place.

Known for our leadership in location-based marketing, the opportunity to launch Local Experiences opens the doors to completely new content opportunities. Engage your audience with local content instantly, whether at the football stadium, their local mall or a summer music festival. The opportunities are endless with local experiences.

Want to try out Rover Experiences? Learn more on our website

About Rover

Rover is a location-based mobile marketing platform that helps retailers and brands deliver smarter, location-powered mobile content that creates enriching customer experiences. Leveraging beacon and geofence technologies, it enables companies to reach consumers on their mobile devices with targeted content that’s relevant to their physical location. The platform serves hundreds of locations in a number of key sectors, such as professional sports, retail, loyalty and tourism. Rover’s SDK is open source and, through its intuitive and graphical CMS, marketers can develop and deploy campaigns in real time without coding. For more information, visit Rover’s website or blog, and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.