Smarter Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to re-engage customers with your app. With Rover you can send both regular scheduled notifications, as well as geofence and beacon triggered ones.

Create & attach rich content

Using Rovers Messages tool, you can deliver engaging experiences to your audience with triggers such as:

  • Attach multi-screen experiences to notifications
  • Include an interactive Rover Experience
  • Direct to a Website
  • Open deep links into your app
  • Send custom data

Schedule Your Message

Our easy to use scheduler gives you flexible control over when you want your message to be delivered. Set a specific day, time and timezeone, or have it delivered based on the users local time. Or have it delivered instantly after publishing for instant deployment.

Track performance

See how well your notification strategy is performing by comparing your delivery and open rates. Also measure the performance of your content with event tracking and views.