Powerful design tools

Use our robust experiences designer to capture the exact look and feel you want with pixel precision. Add elements like text boxes, buttons, images, videos and even barcodes.

  • Alignment tools mean your designs will be pixel-perfect on any screen size
  • Designs are rendered natively on the device for optimal user experience
  • Link screens together to create sophisticated interactions
  • Supreme design flexibility: manage borders, margins, colors

Link Screens Together

After designing your screens, you can link them together to create rich and interactive experiences. Design step-by-step guides, product tours or branded multi-page quizzes. Just a few of the concepts you can bring to life with Rover Experiences!

Attach to Messages

Using Rovers Messages tool, you can deliver engaging experiences to your audience with triggers such as:

  • When they enter or exit a geofence
  • At a specific date and time
  • When they enter, exit or dwell in a beacon region
  • And more!

With features like audience segments, you’ll ensure the right experience is delivered to the right customer.

Location Based, Adaptive Interfaces

You can also assign experiences directly to proximity regions like beacons and geofences, making it great for:

  • Location Guides
  • In-store dashboards
  • Virtual Tours
  • Product information

Create. Evaluate. Iterate.

When it comes to location-based marketing, it's critical to be able to quickly test and evaluate your content. With Rover Experience Analytics, you can quickly measure how well the different parts of your experience perform. Then easily make edits and start tracking their effect instantly!

Monetize with Brand Experiences

The Rover Experiences tool provides the mobile real-estate to offer exciting and unique opportunities for brands to connect with your customers. Sponsored trivia, tours or even ‘top ten’ lists for brand activations are easily created and instantly deployed. Use Rover to create new engaging brand activations or compliment existing efforts on the ground at scale.

Here’s why brands love Rover Experiences:

  • Cost effective: No development required
  • Launch instantly, with no need to issue an app update
  • Provide interactive and engaging experiences to customers
  • Track eyeballs and content engagement with experiences analytics
Rover for brands