Craft new experiences

Rover’s robust Experience Creator allows you to design rich, native experiences in the browser with no development or app updates required. Easily create a sponsored activation for your event, a mobile campaign experience or even an interactive trivia game.

Once your campaign is created, leverage our suite of features to deliver the mobile content to the right audience and the right time.

Manage location infrastructure

Rover makes it easy to manage all of your beacons, geofences and configurations. With features like beacon grouping, fast search, bulk editing and smart tagging, it’s easy to manage your location infrastructure at scale.

With Rover’s integration support for major hardware providers, importing your existing configurations is fast and easy. Get started faster with our large database of key geofence locations. Connect advertising ids (IDFA/AAID) to properly structured location data. Spend less time worrying about infrastructure and more time realizing the ROI of smarter mobile content.

Richer mobile messaging

With the Rover SDK implemented in your app, it’s easy to send location-triggered, scheduled and instant messages. Create them in our easy-to-use authoring tool or automate the process with API integrations to message at scale.

With the Rover Platform, you can author great looking mobile content in the web, and include it along with your message. Create mobile coupons which can be saved to an inbox for recall later, or even include deeplinks to drive to other parts of your app.

Any type of mobile messaging

Need to send a message as soon as a customer enters your store? Done. Want to re-engage with a message to customers who haven’t visited your store in 2 weeks? Done.

With Rover’s Smarter Message Triggers, you can create more relevant and timely messages, driving better engagement.

Scaleable and API driven

Need to automate and manage location campaigns at scale? Everything you can do through the Rover interface can be done with our powerful and well-documented API. Automate message delivery, import customer data or export event data to your own analytics tools or CRM.

On the mobile side, the Rover SDK is a powerful tool for developers to build custom location-powered experiences. Instead of dealing with UUIDs and latitude/longitude coordinates, developers can work with Beacon and Location data objects, allowing them to get up and running faster so they can focus on building better mobile experiences.

Highly targeted, smart campaigns

Not only do Rover’s customer insights tell you more about your customer, they are also easily actionable. Send smart messages to customers who visit a competitor’s location, or re-engage customers you haven’t seen in a while with targeted high value campaigns.

Track performance

Rover’s robust analytics provide you with insights to visit data and campaign performance. With insights like open and click rates, you’ll be able to determine which messages and content performed best, helping to inform the design of your future campaigns.



  • Manage geofences, beacons and places
  • Import beacons from most hardware providers
  • Add tags to easily organize your places and beacons
  • Works at scale with features like search and bulk editing


  • Trigger beacons and geofence events to send messages
  • Send real-time or scheduled push notifications
  • Include any type of content: Landing pages, multi-screen experiences, URLs, deeplinks or custom data
  • Store messages in a cloud based inbox
  • Add limits to control communication frequency


  • Author high-fidelity designed layouts with our web-based design tool
  • Link screens together to create multi-page experiences
  • Embed elements like video, barcodes and webviews


  • Track customer location-behaviour, trends and patterns
  • Action your location data by creating addressable customer segments
  • Match customer location data with advertising identifiters (IDFA/AAID)


  • Track visits to geofences and beacons
  • See open rates for your notification-based campaigns
  • A/B test different content strategies
  • Export data for use in your own analytics solution


  • Connect Rover to your existing CMS & CRM
  • Create and deploy at scale with all features from the Rover CMS being available through the API.
  • Feed Rover data into your existing analytics solutions


  • Support both iOS (8+)and Android (4.4+) Platforms
  • Leverage OS-level bluetooth and location functionality for optimal battery conservation
  • Open Source and easy to integrate. Find us on Github


  • Import beacons in seconds from leading hardware providers
  • Connect with APNS and FCM for all your iOS and Android push messaging needs